Buildin my first Gaming pc i need some advice

Hello all

I am planning to put a gaming PC together for this summer
new to buld 

So whats best ?
any advice ?
Any preferences for other better components ?
how is this setup ?

AMD or Intel ?



CPU AMD FX-8350  "Vishera" 4.0Ghz 8core



SABERTOOTH Z77 (Thermal Armor)
CPU intel i7-3770K 3.5Ghz


CPU Cooling
CorsairCooling Hydro Series H100 or H80

ASUS HD7950-DC2T-3GD5-V2

Corsair 16 GB DDR3-1866 Kit

Corsair GS800

Seagate 3TB / 7200 rpm / cache64 MB / Serial ATA/600 interface.

Corsair CSSD-F120GBGT-BK / 120 GB / Read 555 MB/sec Write 515 MB/sec / Serial ATA/600 interface.


Help please, need kickass PC :D


Go to PCpartpicker and make your list copy the permalink of the build. Come back and paste it to the forum. It's easier to modify that way.



Dont need a case?

will do
and aroud 1000-1300 dollar


AMD setup

INTEM setup

go no idea of a case yet

This is what I got for you FX 8350 build since mine was premade on pcpartpicker. it's about $35 over budget but you can choose to get a more cost effective chassis if you don't like the Fractal Design. The Cooler Master HAF 912 is a builder classic and it comes in at about $60. I would try to keep the Fractal Design though.

looks nice
is the Fx 8350 better or comparable whit the I7 3770K ?

Do you notice much difference between
 DDR3-1866 Ghz and DDR31600ghz ?




Here's how i modified the AMD you made. Came in under $1300.00

There's not to much of a diffrence between 1600 and 1866. You will notice 2133 though.

I haven't built an Intel rig yet so I'll leave that to the Intel folks.
 looks realy nice

By the time summer comes a lot of these prices will be different. If you are planning to build it then just save your purchase till you are about to build it and buy the parts at one time. So this is just generally a guideline for you and pcpartpicker is a great tool to narrow down your hardware list.


Good Luck

When summer comes there will be different parts and different prices. anyway good rule of thumb to use when making a gaming rig is to put more money in GPU than in the CPU or at least the same amount roughly.  Also unless your going for huge overclocks downgrade the MB and save some cash there.  1600 mhz memory is fine you won't notice the difference in speed unless your using a APU.  A  aftermarket CPU cooler is not necassary for a gaming rig again unless yor gonna overclock. You can save a considerable amount of money and have a computer that runs games at a equally high level if you cut out some of the "easy picks" of parts everyone uses.