Hows this?

if you have any reccomendations hit me up :) thanks

Ah, you have made the same mistake I have made a number of times. You need to post the permalink given with your build on the site rather than copy and paste the URL from your browser!

That link won't be visible to any of us. :P

oops =p


Looks pretty good to me as a general system. Do you hope to overclock? What do you want to use it for?

ya, well i hope to LEARN how to overclock. i plan on using it for mostly gaming.

get an fx 6300 a cheaper motherboard and a better graphics card like a 7870xt or a 7950

Alrighty, if you hope to overclock I would recommend an ASUS board, they are a bit more user friendly for beginners and safer (better power phase features).

If it is for gaming I too would recommend a stronger GPU. That way you won't need to upgrade again for along time. Perhaps go for the 7870 if you can swing it, it's a much better card.

do you also think i should get a 6300?


If you don't need to OC it (you won't really have to and the stock cooler will take you to 4.4 Ghz safely) save some money and use the stock cooler. Use the money saved from the stock cooler and get yourself and HD 7870 Ghz Edition instead of the 7850.


I say stick to the 8350. It's faster on stock clocks and will ultimately be more future-proof.

Or keep the fan you got selected and get the 6300 and the 7870

Try this if it's just for gaming

I edited youre build

much better for gaming and ocing.

I choosed a His radeon 7870 icq turbo GHZ edition, cause Logan benched it, and its a beast.

i have one my self, but a have the HiS Radeon 7870 GHZ oc edition, not with that fancy cooler, but that thing cost more then this one.

grtz Angel ☻

ok awesome THANKS SOOO MUCH..... to be honest i have no idea what im doing.... been fooled my whole life thinking console was best... 0_0 youve shown me the way.

THANKS!!, Andrew

If you wanna save money go for Sapphire 7870xt instead of 7950

I assume your price cap is 900$. Sooo.



...soo many choices 0_0

My first thought is that you can get so much more for your money but then I had to keep remembering system building is preferenced an extent.  I'm glad you understand the importance of actually spending the right amount on a mobo.  One problem, pc partpicker.whatever DOESN'T HAVE THE BEST DEALS sure it may give you all the great retailers but it doesn't always take a product from every website or there may be a delay in how it updates.  Ok I would definitely go for a FX 6300 and a GIGABYTE 970A UD3 MOBO:

You can find an FX 6300 for ~130 and buy it.  Hopefully you'll get a newer revision of the UD3 to natively support the Vishera cpus (You probably will and if you don't you'll be able to update the bios manually.  Be sure to check the gigabyte website for whatever revision (should be labeled on box)  and see what bios version you'll need, good thing is the newer Gigabyte mobos have a dual bios or backup bios incase you fuck up flashing it.).  Doesn't have the best bios (I think Award, some of the new revisions come with UEFI...again check gigabyte's website) but I don't think you'll be spending much time in there anyway.  GIgabyte boards are great and all the negative reviews, on newegg at least, are a bunch of people complaining about not having onboard video and stuff most people know when buying a motherboard.  I see you initially chose the 990fx chipset, it's great but slightly overkill (not for the 8350) but I doubt you'll need the 8350 anyway.  Theres not a huge difference in performance (especially gaming and real life type stuff) only in benchmarks.  I personally think its better going for a step down chipset if you get a good quality mobo I'd pay the extra 35 bucks over the MSI 970 g46 board that may be cheaper but cause more headaches and less upgradeability in the future.  


Kingston is great but I don't think you should go for 1.65 v memory unless you wanna run it a 1333 mhz or possibly run into major compatibility issues, kingston's great but their ram could be questionable.  This just went on sale and is great stuff, watch out for clearance issues for the cpu cooler but I think it'd be fine (double check).  Seems to be the best ram for this build and is on the qualified vendors list for almost all relatively new and old motherboards.  Great cas latency and overclocking headroom (if you choose to do so).

Corsair and Seasonic psu's are the best so your good with either most of the time,  Try to get around 600 watts (not to overkill) and the corsair tx series is great (just picked up a tx550m which is great for a decent price) and most of seasonics psu's are just phenominal.  

For the gpu I would go for an hd 7870 (manufacturer of your choice but make sure good reviews and feedback) or a gtx 660 again look for whatever is in your price range and has a reputable brand behind it as well as some good reviews. Wouldn't recommend corssfire or sli with the board I recommended at all but they usually aren't the best options unless you want to deal with the headache later.  I'd say stay away from crossfire altogether, but again my opinion and experiences.  And once you get something past amd's 78** series and the gtx 660 you start to lose the bang for your buck factor so keep that in mind.

Case is your preference, just dont get a piecashit and make sure psu is bottom mounted some fans would be nice and atx compatible.


WD blacks are great for mechanical hard drives and the 500 gb ones are on sale for 65 right now which is a great deal.  Seagate is facing a lot of firmware issues and that particular drive is a litte op, again It's preference WD vs Seagate so whatever you go with you should be fine.  


What else, CM has some great budget cpu coolers make sure you got a case that fits one.

I know I use a lot of parenthesis but its just me trying to squeeze in info.  

I hope you at least read this because this shit is longer than an essay.

If you want some links just reply at least acknowledging that 700 word monster.