Build with Graphite 380T

I am saving up money now, it should be ready by September. By that time the Corsair Graphite 380T should be out (it's the mini ITX one).

This is my first build BTW. I need some help to see if there is a better configuration. 

Budget is $1300. Including a keyboard.

I'm saving for a 380T myself! But i have a few suggestions for you:

1. Why not use a 4670K, because the new socket in september is frankly a now-brainer. And with that Cooler Master cooler you can get some extra horse power out of it for free!

2. Also search for a ASUS or MSI or Gigabyte Z97 motherboard, so the processor would work.

3. You have chosen 8 GB 1333Mhz RAM, maybe chose for 1600Mhz and if you have the budget go for 16 GB for more future-proofing. 

4. The Mushkin SSD is in my oppinion not a good choise. A better one is the Samsung 840 Evo 240 GB.

5. EVGA videocard + Asus motherboard is not a bad choice. But the best is matching the Motherboard manufacturer with the Videocard manufacturer for best compatibility and customizability. 


But all with all a great build, and hope the 380T will be available soon!

I could cut another $16, but I don't want to... 

And yes, the Asus card fits, "up to 290mm" It's 287.02mm...

Drool.... Whatcha gon do with that big fat ITX?

wiggle wiggle wiggle ;P

looks like a great build.