Build Time

I was just wondering how long it takes, on average, to put together a computer.  I will be doing this on Christmas and I am trying to figure out how much time I will have before people invade my work area.

Hard one to answer, If It's a pre-built store bought one like a Dell you pretty much just have to open the owners manual and start conecting the cables and making sure they are where no one will trip over them or a pet won't get caught on them, that can range from 5-30 minutes. If it's your first build ever and you have never put a computer together it can take a whole day if you are doing it from parts. If you are going that route you will want to watch how to video's in advance. If you have changed and upgraded parts over the years same thing you want to read up on what you are dealing with and the manuals it comes with and watch how to video's and it may take 2-4 hours depending on how easy of hardware you have to deal with and what has to be routed where in the case. If you build and repair all the time 1-2 hours.

Whatever it is just make sure that it's un-plugged when you are working on it.



Its from nothing but parts and I have built PCs in the past.  The last thing I took apart and put back together was from 2006 and I was just wondering if anything has changed enough to cause any delays. Thanks

Well most cases tend to be more mudular inside than they used to be and can be customised or rearranged, It's actually easier to put them together than it used to be. It really depends on what case you bought on how long it will take to install everything.

Cool, I ened up getting a Thermaltake Chaser MK-I that I got on sale :) I really like the look and its huge compared to the other cases I've used