"Build the Best $700 PC" Some Questions

You download the copy of Windows stated on the sticker( If it  says " Windows 7 Professional", download the Windows 7 Professional ISO, for " Home Premium" download Home Premium. You get the idea), either illegaly( torrent, filesharing sites), or legally( there are some sites who let you download official Windows 7 OS, all you need is the key). Either way, you'll still end up with a "legal" copy of Windows. Now either burn the ISO to a CD or DVD, or use a program like PowerISO( my personal favorite) to "burn" it to a flash drive and make it bootable. Then shut down your PC, pop in the disc or plug the USB, and make your system boot from there( either through the bios or by pressing a key on your keyboard before the Window's boot starts, that shows you the boot selector). Then the Windows 7 install will load, and it's fairly simple from there, just read what it says and do what you need to do.

As for the SSD, in terms of load, boot and start-up times, it's significantly faster than an HDD. But in terms of gaming performance, which is what you are after, it does nothing.

Do you mean that we don't add the OS and storage to the builds at $700?

Best graphical performance(White GPU) (Black GPU)

If you need storage but no OS:

The somewhat most balanced system, but less graphical performance than the first.

 If you still need the OS and storage:

Least graphical performance.

If I had gaming in mind, and I had a COA sticker and spare drive at hand, I'd go with the first build.

If I needed more space( or have no spare), have a COA sticker and don't mind sacrificing performance, I'd go with the second

If I don't have a COA( or don't wan't to go through the hassle of burning and downloading), don't have a spare( or need more space), and don't mind sacrificing a lot of performance compared to the first and a little to the second, I'd go with the third.


Thanks for all your help Z. I think I will go with the Best graphical performance(White GPU) (Black GPU).

whats the difference bettween white and black gpu if you don't mind me asking?

Not much. The XFX( the white one) is clocked only 50Mhz higher. That increase is not something someone would notice in real world performance. I would personally pick the Gigabyte one. While it is clocked 50Mhz lower, it does offer a better cooling solution( IMO), so if you can OC( which can be easily done with a program like MSI Afterburner), it will go a little farther than the XFX one. The only reason I put in the XFX is to give you options, in case you have a color preference. Kinda funny though, because you'll rarely see the GPU when you put it in the case. Also, I chose that case because it has great quality, lots of space, and is roomy enough to fit long cards( if I remember correctly, up to 300mm, then 430mm when you remove the modular drive bay).