Build the best $600 gaming pc

Hey forum, I was planning on building a $600 gaming pc (excluding video cards). What I want is a pc which will have a CPU that won't bottleneck 2 Asus nvidia GeForce 650 to boosts 2gb and the CPU will have a great price per performance ratio. I also need a motherboard which will support sli for the two video cards I want. It doesn't matter if the motherbosrd doesn't support pcie 2.0 or higher, but I'd prefer it in my budget. I also want an SSD in he system for the os and games, and a 1tb hard drive (can get at a later time ). Lastly, I want a windows 8. I'm not sure if this setup is possible for the price, but I hope someone can make it. Or if the setup is close to the price. 

Actually a hard drive less than 1tb will work.