Build The Best $400 Gaming Rig Possible

Just like the title says build the best gaming rig you can on a budget of $400.

just a pc, no os/monitor/mouse+keyboard


link below is a better value/same performance

With $50 to spare!

Here is something to rival that. Even has a CPU cooler included. Happy Overclocking!

67 Bucks cheaper to.

Prices aren't always gureenteed to be accurite. This video was posted back in November. The configuration I did is more current

Think your point is sort of invalid. As you are using the same APU, same spec RAM, a smaller PSU. An optical drive???? The only thing majorly different, is a larger hard drive. (1TB instead of 500GB)

IMO though that vid was for nov/dec, no new parts that fit into the price range have rolled around. (unless switching to a seperate CPU and GPU could drive cost down and performance up) So for now its still valid system specs.

EDIT: though yes maybe a 500W is a little over kill, unless adding a dedicated GPU later on.

- zanginator

Disregard my comment then, I did use a different motherboard though. I recently used that MSI board for a build for one of my clients, and it seems to work pretty good. Also has support for dual graphics mode as well

+1 for the cheaper ram/mobo prices

Fair enough. Though obviously as you've had experience with that board then by all means use that instead :P

- zanginator

the optical drive is like $17 it really dosent matter that much even with a discrete card (a HD7950 would be possible without the optical drive) the PSU could still take it, and the hard drive is like $5 more for double the capacity so why not :P

Plus a CPU Cooler

Thanks for the info! Gonna have to make a hard choice. You guys put some really nice builds together.

I would go with my build I put together. You'll be under budget, so you can buy logan beer for the shows