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Build Suggestions - Mid-level Gaming PC



InWin 101 breathes through the side.


Ooooh I like that one a lot. Will have to see what she thinks of it.


Making a Christmas/Birthday present out of something your interested in and that she shows an interest in (because she likes you) can be less then optimal.

No where near as bad as kitchen appliances on a 5 year wedding anniversary, I still hear about it 15+ years later…:slight_smile:


I’m pretty straightforward with presents. It’s something she asked for, so I’ll do it. If she hadn’t asked, I’d just buy her some stuff from her Amazon wish list (and she knows it. we both do it). I originally recommended she get an entry-level gaming laptop instead to replace hers (about 1/4 of her screen is dead and she’s missing like 6 keys), but she wanted me to build her one. I hope she like it, but whether she uses it to its fullest potential, that’s on her. If she wants to whine about getting a gift that she explicitly asked for, that would be a huge red card for me. Not to bring down the mood or anything, I just can’t stand the whole “you should be able to read my mind” mentality. Saw way too much of that in my parents growing up.


The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic is similar in that regard. And has more glass.
L1T’s latest build video featured that case: