Build Suggestions From the Experienced

Hey Guys, I would like to ask all the experienced people on this forum about the build i made on pcpartpicker. It will be my first build and the more  bang I get for my buck would be greatly appreciated. My budget is about $650 and my focus is on gaming only.

Please comment and link to any changes that you have made to it.

That seems to be a great build for 650$ You will be very satisfied with the results you get from it. The only thing I reccomend changing is the motherboard, Personally, I haven't had the greatest success with ECS. You will have to sacrifice having a ATX board, but this Gigabyte board should do you better.

Thanks I've been revising it over the last couple of days. I may wait till next year to buy this because ive heard that right now the prices are high compared to usual.

The coolmax psu's have a habit of explodeing or seting them selfs on fire you allso do not need anywhere near 700w's (the coolmax 700w is only around 450w anyway) grab something like this XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply the HD7850 is way over overpriced at the moment grab a (R9 270 or a GTX 650 TI BOOST) thay are cheaper at the moment the 650ti (boost) is on par with the HD7850 the R9 270 is basically a HD7870.

The mobo is well meh and you can pick up newer A88X FM2+ motherboards for the same price.