Build Questions

I this a good all around build for gaming?

Should I go with a 965 and a cooler instead? I don't want to overclock.

Is the PSU enough?

any better configurations under $700?

Thanks Here is a bench of the 965 BE vs a FX 6300, in gaming the FX6300 seems to have a advtange with stock clocks. On one game it pulled over 20FPS+ over the 965 at same resolution, so the FX series seems to be the top dog for now unless ofcourse you can manage a 965 for a heck of a cheap price.

The builder series is enough for your system especially since you don't plan on OC, but a XFX 550 is $50 with a 44amp 12v rail and a solid warranty its really worth a look and would give you more room to grow for the $10 price tag increase.

If the 965 is anything like his phenom II brothers, its stock cooler is louder then all heck even at stock clocks. A simple cooler like the EVO 212 will save your ears and some of your sanity especially if you rest in the same room as your pc.

okay thanks for that info what does 44 amps do though? also will i be able to oc my video card?

44 amps on the 12v means you have room for beefier graphics cards and/or cpu as well as OC room if you want to do that. The graphics card and the CPU both use power from the 12v rail, so you want it to have as much power as possible available so you don't have any stability issues. This is a wonderful read if you have the time, skip to the "why do they split up 12v rails?" for the goodies on 12v power if you want a quick read.