Build Questions

Hey everyone, I am building a new rig thanks to some online black friday sales and I had some questions I was looking to get answered before all the parts get here and before I am ready to start putting things together.

First off, here is the parts list:

CASE | NZXT SWITCH 810 Matte Black (link)


PSU | SeaSonic 750W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular (link)

CPU | Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (link)

CPU COOLER | ZALMAN 135mm Long life bearing CPU Cooler (link)

GPU | EVGA SuperClocked GeForce GTX 660 2GB (link)

RAM | CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) (link)

SSD | OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SATA III (link)

HDD | Western Digital WD VelociRaptor 500GB 10000 RPM (link)

CASE FANS (2) | Noctua 140mm Case Fan (link)

My first few questions regard fan setup

The SWITCH 810 has a ton of places where 140mm fans can be placed / added.

The Noctua Fans are by far the best (Or so I have been told) and I want to know where would be the best place to place them-- as I can only afford 2 at the moment.

I have heard the term "Push Pull" but I don't necessarily know what It means or how it works (push the air somewhere exhaust it somewhere else?), If someone could explain that and If it is relevant for my build that would be great.


Another question I had was regarding cable sleeves.

Is MDPC the best place to get sleeves?
I was looking at this:
And It looked promising.
How difficult is it to install them? Is it something that is time consuming? How much of it should I buy?
Just ''need to knows'' for cable sleeves.


Finally I was looking into some LED lighting for my case

I saw the NZXT Hue which had mostly good reviews:

Or the Alchemy LED Kits:

Are those good options? Should I go with something like a Cathode kit:

PS: My CPU Cooler has a blue LED, do you think purple case lighting would go good with it? Hmm.


Thanks in advance

I know I asked a lot of questions but I really want this build to look clean as hell and be the best It can be..

(Now.. Off to go watch Inbox 0020 and hopefully some replies when I get back!)

HDD | Western Digital WD VelociRaptor 500GB 10000 RPM ---- why? slower than an ssd and alot more expensive than a 7200 rpm.

push pull refers soley to cpu heatsinks or radiators. just means you have a fan on one side pushing, and another pulling on the other

Because I got it for $59.99.

I plan to get some 2TB drivers later on though. Don't worry.

And I see.. thanks for the info!

Aw man you should have consulted us before you bought those parts.

You could have got a better cpu heat sink.

That graphics card is pretty weak, especially for the price.

16GB of ram is totally overkill. I have multiple tabs in firefox, have numerous applications like steam and skype open, I run multiple virtual machines, and I do video rendering and not once have I been limited to my 8gb kit. Since you have a z77 board, a 3570K, and an aftermarket cooler I assume you plan on overclocking. Well your overclocking may be limited now because these days the memory controller is built in to the cpu which means more stress when overclocking. When you have too much ram it puts unnessecary stress on the cpu, which means you can achieve lower clock speeds.

I am not too worried about that. In all honesty you may be right but I do not bother myself with heavy over clocking. Not to mention I want to have It If I need it. Who knows, maybe I will make a 8 GB RAMDISK and run some games off it >:)

And the Heatsink is one I knew a bunch of people would whine about, Zalman was better back in the day I agree but when I got it the price was just uncomparable to the Noctura's and I may upgrade in the future anyway.

Update: Got the NZXT HUE free, so that should work fine for lighting

Update: Decided to put both Noctua fans in the front and then put the one that comes with the case in the front as an extra exhaust at the top


All the cable sleeving tutorials I have seen or looked at have not been very noob friendly. All of them act like you have done it before or you just know certian things.

@Logan you guys should do an indepth cable sleeving tutorial and what exact tools you will need, etc. For noobs at it like myself :)