Build PC Project

little background first:
I work in the IT department at a school district. My employer is putting me in charge of a project of building our own PCs. for the longest we have been buying pre-made systems from other vendors and it logically made sense to save money and build our own. We are having students build them (which wasn't my idea, but in theory it sounds good). he gave me a budget of $550 each which had to include mouse and keyboard. so here is one of 3 builds that he wants me to present to him for consideration and the reason why i chose the parts 

CPU: I Chose the i5 because he told me plain and simple that he wanted 1 of the possible builds with an i5. with HD graphics

I Chose this Motherboard 1. because it did not have a realtek nic (we have been having trouble with realtek nics) it had all the connectivity we could need including PCI and PCIe

I chose 4GB because teachers will not need more than 4 and those that do will be special exception.

I considered more than 500GB but i have yet to find a teacher that needs more than that, plus most teachers save their documents on the NAS.

PSU: I chose the seasonic cause i have found them to be real reliable and 350W would be more than enough power. The PSU is also 80+ certified which was necessary by me.

... well whatever old DVD drive will work.

I chose this case because it will house the motherboard just fine, and me and another co-worker agreed that a top mounted power supply would be best. CPU fan cutout, and USB 3.0 was a must along with an intake fan. so for the price i found that this would word great 

so if i could get your opinions, your recommendations, and your help if any would like to recommend 2 other builds at this price point i would highly appreciate it. preferably one haswell i5 and one amd based. Must include peripherals in the $550 and video card is not necessary.


this will used for light school work correct? then if so this will be perfect and i assume that you have the monitors already from older computers, the amd A8 should perform well and the psu is gold rated so you wont be replacing that thing anytime soon due to power problems, it is only 350 watts but is plenty to run all the items in the system and really is more than enough and could be downgraded to a 250 W or less, but would further limit future upgrades which im pretty sure wont be happening with school computers. ill put together an intel build for you as well!

here is another build:

The graphics card has a passive heatsink with no fan so it will reduce noise inside the build and i went with the i3 becuase you wont be doing an insane ammount of multitasking on a school use computer, A web page open with a few tabs with word going wouldn't even tax this thing. The towers at my old school had single core amd athlons that faired pretty well with the abuse they got so this should 1 up that , also the video card is of course optional, you dont need it but it would reduce load on the cpu so the fan would not have to rev as hard when running graphical applications, and also a video card opens up doors for 3d modeling, even if its as underpowered as this 5450.

Awesome dude appreciate the help