Build options for LTSP Server?

I need to build an LTSP server to allow a bunch (4-12) Dumb Terminals/Thin Clients to connect over the network to a desktop interface running Linux. I have a rough budget of ~$1000 and should be built to last. Might be interested in running Sandboxed instances via Docker or something to improve security and scalability.

Something like dis:

@wendell and @Logan,This is something I would love to see a guide on. I'm not really knowledgeable enough on this to write one, but LTSP (and network boot in general, even if the host machine is doing the heavy lifting) has always intrigued me. I'd love the idea of booting a handful of Proxmox servers via PXE and having them all use a networked ZFS array (ahem, FreeNAS, ahem) as their central storage. I don't have a ton of drives, but I do have a few decent-sized ones, so if I could pool all the drives in one place and just have multiple machines using them, that'd save me money on HDDs/SSDs for every machine.

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If I were to make a suggestion I would have more cores. They don't have to be too fast like 2 gigahertz or above, but just more cores. Also I will make sure to have a couple Nics and some ssd's. You could probably find some older socket 2011 gear on fire sale. Check out unixsurplus or bad dog servers. They might have some nice pre-built servers. But I would go socket 2011 because you could probably get some decent xeons for cheap. Also you need to have ECC Ram.

could I do it with Opteron processors? A decent 12 core is like $300-400. and it is guaranteed to support all the extensions necessary for running VMs and such like the AMD equivalent of VT-d and VT-x.

I've dever done it but it should work just fine.