Build new computer or just upgrade?

So I've been running this system for the past few years, when I built the computer it was entry level and I did not spend too much time or effort researching the parts I had bought and just shoved everything together. With it not running GTAIV with mods well at all and wanting to play Watchdogs and other newer games I think it's time for an upgrade.

Here's the dilemma, I need a new CPU therefore I would need a new motherboard and therefore I might as well buy a whole new system!


Currently I have;

i5 2300

Asus P8P67


GTX 560Ti

Vertex 3 60GB - Boot

1TB Barracuda - Data

CM Store Enforcer ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case 

Now when It comes to mixing and matching parts together i'm a complete novice but I can build the computer when the parts are in front of me.

I'm looking in the area of around ~£800 and there is no need for me to buy Windows/Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor. I will be buying a 4k monitor a couple of months after the computer is built since I watch a lot of video content on my computer but I also do game.

PS. Should I go for another Vertex 3 60GB and put them in RAID0, would that make much of a difference? 


Update the bios on your motherboard and upgrade your dated parts with these new ones and leave the rest the same and it should server you for a few years to come

I would replace the GPU and see if thats is enough for your needs before a full replacement

If you have a good quality power supply that can handle this card, get this card:

If you are still lacking performance, go with the rest of "ThatOneSlime"'s build.

I did cheap out on the power supply since my old pricey one broke. Looks like I'm going to go for a new PSU and the XFX R9-290A-EDFD and see how that handles. Will the P8P67 recognize the GPU even with a firmware update? I've read online that some people have had issues. 

My main concern is how the CPU I currently have will handle the newer games, when playing CS:GO I see it shoot up to the 80% mark on my keyboard's CPU&RAM monitor.

I still rock a i5-2500k... I overclocked it but it's a great CPU...

I'd do the GPU/PSU/SSD upgrade... it'll be like a brand new computer...

Quick update. Turns out my motherboard is a P8P67 (B2) so I could only update to 2303. Hopefully all should run still fine.

I've bought 

PowerCool X-Viper 850W Semi Modular 80+ Bronze Power Supply

HyperX 3K 120GB 2.5inch SSD X 2

XFX R9 290 4GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card

Noctua NH-D14 Fan 

All parts should come tomorrow lets see what a difference it'll make. Getting Watchdogs now :D

After some googling it seems that the power supply you've picked is pretty low quality.  Noisy and hot.

Don't know where you are, but this one will be infinitely better.

Arrrghh, Ahh well I'm not too bothered about noise since I mostly wear my headphones all the time knew I should have done a little more research about the PSU. They always catch me out! haha

boxxy you should build a new computer, i can come over and help you

i love you boxxy