Build nearly finished. take a last look ;)

What do you think about this build for gaming recording editing streaming ?

take a last look for me ;)

looks great!

It's not too shabby by any means. Just be aware that you're not going to be able to do much overclocking on that motherboard.

should i get an other ?

Looks great.

I don't see why you couldn't overclock on that motherboard.  

The M5A99FX pro has superior power delivery, which you want if you want to OC a power hungry 8 core like the 8320.

Edit: I was confusing the M5A99x which has 6+2 power phase with the M5A97, which does not. I still recommend the M5A99FX pro though, as you'll want the extra PCI lanes if you ever decide to go dual GPU.


8350 is essentially* just a higher clocked 8320.

*they are a bit more overclockable sometimes but that's mostly down to silicon lottery.

maybe a 600w or higher PSU? just in case you may want to do sli or any upgrades to your pc in the future


what do you mean with 600w or higher PSU sry im really not good at pc building yet ;)

can you tell me a better one pls ? ;)

If you want to add another graphics card in the future, you'll need more wattage.  A decent 750w power supply should be able to handle almost all dual gpu configurations

So if i swap out the power supply and the mainboard this build is good for the price ? and thanks for your replies ;)

leave it alone... that build is perfect as is... by the time you need SLI on a superclocked 770 it'll be time for a new, much more current GPU... you can overclock the hell out of an 8320 on that board as well...

Exactly this ^ .

A really nice well rounded build.

Thanks Guys i'll order the parts this weekend and post screenshots when im done with the build. Thanks for your help, otherwise i wouldve probably ended up with a overpriced pc ;)