Build / Monitor Suggestions?

Hey guys, planning on building this around October-November.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a different monitor or parts combinations?

Do you think Nvidia or Intel will release new parts before then? (I use GameStream and ShadowPlay, so I need to stay Nvidia)

I need to keep the whole build under $2000 USD, so a cheaper monitor would be awesome, but that's the cheapest decent one I could find.

Do you think I should jump up to X99 and DDR4?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Looks pretty solid to me and its right under your budget. Is this primarily a gaming system or do you do any video editing or rendering work? This could impact GPU/RAM/monitor selection.

For those with 1440p monitors - how well does a single GTX980 drive current games at max settings (minus things like hairworks)? I have a 980, but I only have a 1080p monitor so I cant comment first-hand on performance :-/

This thing is pretty much entirely gaming, but I'll be doing a bit of rendering in Autodesk, so that's why I went for the i7. (Other than the fact that bigger number = better, lol)

It's an excellent build however, if you considered X99 you would have to scimp out in some places. but it's possible with a $2000 dollar budget.