Build me a PC! - newbie time

Hello! New to the forums and to Tek Syndicate.  Recently started watching Logan on YouTube as I was looking for help building a system.  Just to give you a bit of background info... 

I've been playing PC games basically since I was a wee lad, however tek has blown up lately.  I currently run an Asus G74SXDH-71, which I'm very pleaed with...  However I want a more future proof rig (i.e. upgradable).  

My goals for this rig are:

1. Play newer games coming out at at High settings (preferably Ultra when allowed) at a minimum of 60+ fps (BF4 for instance)

2. Play my current go to games (BF3, Crysis 3) at 60+ fps (preferably higher) stabily with no frame dips below 60.

3. I love to stream.  I would love to be able to stream BF3 & Crysis 3 at 720P @ 60 fps... 

My budget .... 

Idealy my budget is max of $1000 including a monitor... I don't think it plausable with the build I'm about to show you or with my goals.  

If need be I can use a 26" led 1080P tv that I have laying around until I can afford a 23" LED monitor.

I would love for the entire budget to be no more than $1000 parts (including OS, cables, anything I might forget, etc).

My proposed build:  

I'm going with AMD here.  I think form the research that i've done AM3+ is going to last a bit longer which will allow me to do at least one total upgrade cpu wise in the future w/o worries of replacing the mobo.

That totals $999 w/o os or monitor... What I need is someone more realistic with updated knowledge that can help me piece this rig together.  

I have plenty of mice around.  I have an old ass USB 1.0 keyboard that'll do the trick for now... I must run this rig via WIFI.  I have the 26" led tv if I must use it.  I should be able to get a copy of Windows from my wifes employeer for ~ $40 (oem vista $20, windows 8 upgrade $20).

I also don't have a Microcenter their awesome prices do me no good.

So, per my goals what can I do to modify this build to fit my budget?  If I can fit my goals on a cheaper build then even better.  I'm open to suggestions here.

My wonderful has given me the go ahead on the build, so I need your help to get this baby done before she changed her mind ;)


Thanks for any input!

DonDonRaiden (cody)

@Anarmypig  thanks for the quick reply! Am I being pretty unrealistic running an SSD for my os/apps and a large data drive in my price range?  I love the idea that you go that monitor in there with that price.  Also, do you think a 600W PS will be suffient for running crossfire in the future?  Thanks for the reply!

Crossfire has problems with power at times to be safe id say a 860 watt or so

Well, the way I see it, you have to choose between having lots of storage, or that monitor. The CX600 PSU will not be enough for dual 7870s, you would have to pay a few more dollers for a cx750.