Problems with Aorus Pro Z390

Short version. Dual channel memory causes no-post. BIOS beep code 5 long says CPU. But this is a known good CPU and RAM(4x16). Have to run channel A only on the motherboard to get it to post. I’m using it to type this… Going to transfer CPU and RAM back to ROG had the same cpu and mobo setup on another workstation so I know this hardware is compatible. Board is probably dead. Now I need to verify the cpu/ram are still good.

Clarity edit.
Got a system put together. Transfered cpu and ram from ROG Strix-F to a Aorus Pro motherboard. System worked fine for about 3 hours in a cool enviromnemt with fans and pumps running. did initial tests in vfio performance and gaming but was just looking at youtube when I get a kernel panic, followed by no post. Have to remove channel b memory to get a good post. Man I hope it’s the motherboard. 9900x is too young to die.

Anyone seen similar problems while I go about part swapping?

Transferring 9900x and RAM back to STRIX-F mobo results in good post and stable system with cpu and all 64gb ram… So the Aorus Pro motherboard died in 3 hours Do the intel CPUs have a blackbox like function that remember highest temp, highest clock, highest voltage? Something like SMART but for CPUs? I was still running default speeds just looking for answers.

I’m still wondering if I had the cpu cooler half kilter… I’m going to loose another part of my soul in the Gigabyte RMA queue.

Don´t know about SMART like functionallity. Could use something like HWInfo to monitor and alert you to certain values.