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BUILD LOG: Passively Cooled (sorta) ITX system in an Old GE Delta Radio Enclosure


the best ventilation is a blower fan on the floor and on the ceiling.( old heat pump fans work well)


My preliminary idea for the paint booth is this:

I’m a little worried about over pressuring the booth and all the paint and blast media being pushed out seams instead of through the exit filter. Maybe reverse the airflow, the fan pulling? I may have access to an old furnace blower too.


When you are really worried about overpressure, you could just add a second outlet airfilter.


That’s risks pulling in dust. Positive pressure is the way to go.


Ugh. Not making much progress lately. House is just so much work.

I tried the Speed Blaster thing. It works OK, but it really needs to be used outside. And I probably need a bigger air compressor. But using it in my ghetto paint booth was just a disaster. I didn’t get any air circulation done, just draped another piece of plastic over the open side in the above picture. Didn’t get out into my basement, but the booth filled up with dust so fast I couldn’t see.

So, hopefully this weekend, I will stop by a welding place in the town my house is in and see if he has a sandblasting setup I can use or rent. Or pay him to do it. Apparently he does all the driveway plowing for everyone in the town, so I need to talk to him about that too.

Oh, and unfortunately the case that had the crack through it broke again. I had tried to fix it with JB Weld, but it didn’t hold. The case is warped anyway, and a small crack has appeared at the IO cutout. Very expensive hunk of metal now. Bummed.