[Build Log] MACeration


Hi all! I don't where to start... So I am a french canadian(sorry my english is not perfect :P) and I build PC since many years. I always have been a fan of aluminium cases in particular Lian-Li cases. I also have been a fan of the way Apple design few things like the old line up of Mac Pro/Powermac G5. Long story short, I grabbed a 2004 Powermac G5 case almost two years ago and I modded it to fit a small configuration to use it as a NAS. It was a good challenge! Seeing that i don't use the NAS anymore, I decided to transfert my main rig into the case but some things it needs to be improve.

Here is the specs:

-Intel 4670K
-Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler
-Mushkin 2x4gb 1600Mhx 9-9-9-24
-Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H
-Galaxy Nvidia GTX 660ti
-Corsair RM650 PSU
-2x SSD (Adata and Kingston HyperX)

I don't game too much so I don't need a freaking big powerful rig. XD I may be want to watercool at some point but may be just in the future. For now, I will concentrate on air cooling. ^^

So here is some pictures of the old worklog!

Here is the old version done. It was not perfect like I wanted it but it did the job!


I designed new plate to route the cables better than before and another one to hide the top section! I will also use only 2 SSD in the build so it will look soo much cleaner without the HDD cage. Keep in mind that I want to preserve the original look of the case. So I will keep the finish of the plates raw.

So here is the pictures!

This is before! I realize that the place of the cable was very wrong. XD The new routing will be WAYYY BETTER!

The plates arrived from the lasercut! :D

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Awesome work keep us posted!

Thanks conzo!

I added some personal touch a little while ago! Nobody can say it's not my computer now! haha!

I also started to sleeve! Black/Dark and light gray/couple purple sleeves. Looks awesome in my opinion!

I would agree that the color scheme looks awesome. Are you adding any other purple accents?

Hi guys! I just finished to build the rig! I am satisfied with the results considering the means I had. I encountered few problems during the build process but these will help me to build THE perfect mATX conversion Version 3 if I do in the future!