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AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Noctua NH-U9S (replacing the NF-A9 with an NF-B9 Redux because grey)
Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi
Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 32GB 3000MT/s CL15 (will be overclocking)
Zotac GTX 1070 Mini
Intel 660p 1TB (w/ EK M.2 heatsink)
Silverstone SFX-L 500W PSU
Jonsbo U1 Plus (I got it from Quiet PC)
2x Noctua NF-R8 Redux fans

Reserved for pretty final photos


7th Sept 2019

Didn’t want to wait until Monday for stuff to be redelivered, so went and picked up my case and heatsink from the courier depot.

Jonsbo U1 Plus with a fingerprinty Lenovo S440 for scale.


Did a test fit of the 1070 mini. Had to remove the 2.5" mounts from the front of the case to fit it, which involved removing the side panel mount which it’s attached to. Lucky it’s all screwed together, rather than riveted. As you can see, I managed to rip the polyurethane foam tape doing that, but it gets covered by the black vinyl on the side panel.

@mutation666, here’s that EK heatsink on the 660p. Clips are a bit finicky.

Going to drill new mounting holes for dual 80mm intakes on the back.


Tiny :slight_smile: I do not understand this anti-nvme kick ? You can get pci-4 nvme 150 ish boot drive. Not great but not bad either for cutting edge.

Are you going to keep the “transparent glass” sticker on it? It’s a very nice looking sticker.


It does feel lovely, but I can’t do the peel if I leave it on :frowning:

@thevillageidiot, I think people are just not a fan of QLC, rather than disliking NVMe, which is very understandable. I might run into trouble if I’m working on 1GB+ 3DS Max scenes (which autosave every 15 minutes), but even then the SLC cache would probably get flushed in that time.

I get it… Not overly fond of it at ssd levels. This is tlc so

You have to forgive me seeing only one drive makes my head hurt. I have been on windows too long.

Not planning on storing anything critical on it without having a backup on my NAS and Google Drive, so should be fine even if it gives up eventually.

Ouch, the 1TB version of that is 2.5x more expensive than the 660p 1TB.

I know what you mean


Cutting edge but the entry level is not completely insane like optane.

I considered the deals on the 660p but there are far faster for close enough for the same money. My use case is more than likely far different yours :slight_smile:

I thought I would point it out for options.

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Just a little better specs.

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Can’t get it in the UK

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I always forget about that world wide thing :frowning:

I might as well add these to my build log… unless some prices change.

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Sweet build! :slight_smile:


Tempted to add “itsnotthesizeitshowyouuseit” tag :stuck_out_tongue:
not sure if Discourse even allows long tags

Build looking really good. Discovered that case little while ago and happy someone is using it for a build.
fetches popcorn :popcorn:


Of happenings!

7 out of 8 holes isn’t bad.

Do you even dot?


I see you bought the Apple monitor with out the stand


Don’t sass me, fluffy


Got it all assembled, after much stuggle. Forgot to get a PWM fan splitter, so only one of the rear fans is working now.

Motherboard’s chipset fan is dodgy, so going to contact Gigabyte for a replacement. Hopefully they won’t want me to return the whole motherboard.

Moved the NVMe drive to the rear slot, so it can bake with no airflow. Means I don’t have to take the motherboard out to install a new one in the future.

I’ll take proper pictures once the fan splitter is here and I’ve routed everything neatly.


You got really unlucky with the motherboard fan, but the system looks great! can’t wait to see it finished and working!

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Damn, that fan is dodgy. sounds like a bad bearing.