Build Input Please

This is my first build so Id thought I'd ask for advice. I am mainly building it as a gaming computer, I'm ok with mediocre performance I want to just try out PC gaming. Im also interested in mining cryptocurrencies (for fun) so hashrates are also important to me. Id like to keep it under 1000. I didnt add an aftermarket cooler for the CPU, so if you think I need one let me know and suggest one(Id prefer not to use water cooling). So if there is somewhere im spending too much money or not enough let me know I want the cost to be as low as possible.

This is an AMD based build but Im open to intel options as well. I dont want to use an Nvidia graphics card for reasons listed above.

I dont quite understand the " I dont want to use an Nvidia graphics card for reasons listed above." statement but. its a solid build you coudl actually drop the 750 p/s and easily survive on a 600w.  I personally like nvidia over amd due to the fact amd run hotter. either have fun hope to see u in the gaming world

I've got nearly the same build but with a r9 270x gpu and a 600w psu. You could probably save a little money by getting a little bit less wattage. Also I'd advise you to not get the LE version of that board if you want to do any overclocking. Though considering you don't care much for performance, you'd be fine either way. I can play plenty of games on high to ultra with my build. So you could save quite a lot of money if you just don't care too much for the better graphics and performance.

I figured id get a bit more in the way of wattage for future upgrades but I will get a 600, I can always sell it if and get a 750 psu later. I like nvidia for those reasons too (Physx is nice too) but they dont have very good hashrates, if it was only for gaming I would look into an nvidia card. And Im really considering getting a 270x instead ill look more into that. And no I dont plan on overclocking. I use an ancient netbook that runs linux right now, nearly anything I build will be a massive step up.


Edit: I cut the GPU, Power supply and storage. I have a copy of windows 7 already so you can ignore the cost that comes from that.

The two main things in a build that are actually futureproof are the case and PSU (people around here say to get cheap cases all the time and I've never understood that)... while they don't affect the performance, they can be used in multiple builds if you get quality products... that being said... I'd go with the TX line instead of the builder series from Corsair...

It's not a bad build... if you wanted to splurge on the FX 8350, better mobo, and a small SSD you'd likely be alot happier with the performance, but that's all in how much you have in your budget...

The case is good for the money I think, not where Im looking to spend most of my budget on. Why should I go with the TX series?

I was thinking about getting a small SSD for the build and I still havent ruled it out, I dont see myself needing a lot of capacity with the storage. Im not particularly spoiled when it comes to performance so an 8350 would be nice but Im looking for cheap build that can play games ok.

Well I mean the Fractal Design R4 is on sale still for $74... and it's solid rolled steel through the whole thing and would last as many builds as you can fit in it...

Builder and CX series is kind of a budget line... TX series is a step up in reliability... I got a 750w TX for $50 on black friday off NewEgg, dunno what they are now... (the cheaper ones aren't modular if you care about that sort of thing)

SSD isn't so much for storage as it is speed... it'd be a boot / large program drive so everything on it would boot and start 10x quicker... but I understand, you've gotta draw a line somewhere... just giving you a couple options to look into if you wanted to splurge

That case does sound nice, but Im kind of cheap.. Id rather save the cash or put it into core components.

They're about twice that now.

I know what SSDs are for Im saying, I could get a small 64gb ssd that would fit my os and the games I play frequently on. Not a need but considering it.