Build in Antec ISK 110 mitx case

Hi, I am thinking about doing a build with the Antec ISK 110 case, it has a 90W psu (witch I plan to change) but my question is, is it hard to fit everything in there? I am gonna build a APU system using in this case and was wondering if anyone have used it before and can maby tell me about their hiccups and what now

Any info would be of help, THX!!

It will be extremely hard to fit everything in there. its really small. I don't even know what motherboard would fit in there.

I'm new, I don't know much and this might be a necro, but I'll post because I don't see this anywhere else and I've thought about building an ISK 110 build, but I never actually have and unfortunately probably won't.

I was thinking one of AMDs 65W APUs like the A10 5700 or A10 6700 or wait for Kaveri and hope they have a low watt variant. Stick it in an FM2 ITX Mobo, 8GB RAM, and an SSD and HDD. You might have to use a 5400RPM HDD for power issues, or even only have one drive, not sure. Also not sure if all of that will fit in the case in the first place to be honest. If it all fits, throw in a Noctua NH-L9a, Xigmatek Praeton LD963, or a Scythe Kozuti for keeping things cool.

Hope that helps.