Build Help

Hello, i was wondering if this was a good gaming build. 

Help would be much appreciated.

do tyou already have a case, I don't see one on the list

Its a NZXT source 220

now since that's about 20 bucks cheaper than yours before rebate, I would opt for this ASUS board instead so you can use your front panel USB 3 and it will OC better as well

Thank you 

Just an idea: If you aren't planning on overclocking immediately (or at all), you can drop the 212+ aftermarket fan, and using that money saved, snag a Sapphire 7970 here:

Although, I do not know what they may charge for shipping but 309.99 for a 7970 is a great deal.

Have you got a case already? You might want to check if you need a bigger power supply if you are going for overclocking and such...

Also, in your current build there is a 160$ price difference between gpu and cpu, you might want to balance it up with a 'better' cpu and prehaps a ssd if you can afford it, otherwise just take the ssd and keep cpu. 

Of course it depends on what you are going to do, is it purely gaming? However its your build and you do what you want ;)

A 600W PSU is more than enough for any single PSU, including a Titan, and most dual cards, like a 7990.

First, how the price of the CPU and related to the GPU here has no bearing. I highly doubt this CPU is going to cause any bottleneck for a 7950 or 7970 at 1080p. 

Second, the PSU is more than powerful enough for almost any single GPU, as above has stated.

It won't.

Thank you guys for your input! :D