Build help!

Gaming PC. Needs to be 1,500$ or under with Mouse, Keybaord, and Monitor.

Still need MOBO, GPU(Nothing to crazy just 1080 on ultra AT playable FPS if possible in price range), CPU cooler, PSU

What i have in mind...

  • i5-3570K
  • 8 GB 1600 Crucial Ballistix Sport Ram
  • 1 TB 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda HDD
  • 128 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
  • Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire TK Keyboard
  • Cooler Master CM Storm Inferno Black Mouse
  • Asus VN247H-P 23.6 Monitor




give me 5 min

can it be full size atx?

It can be any size i just wana game on something other then a PS3

I changed a few things but for the most part this hellped a lot. Thanks. 

Cooperman you forgot windows 7, your build is $1577

Heres a $1481 AMD option with Windows 7

If you know how to overclock, the Sapphire Flex 7950 from what I have heard is one of the fastest overclocking 7950s and had native eyefinity support without any need for special display adapters

Also the 8350 beats the i5 in many things now

Imo the 8350 build is the best you can get with this, If you really need $1100 I can squeeze it down again

Never mind sorry about the $1100

Yea i know i was thinking about the FX-8350

What games do you play the most?

I be back in half an hour, my match is starting

windows 7 $60 -->

BF3,MW3,BO2, some raceing games but i am open to more and want to try more. 

the 8350 sapphire flex will beat i5 gigabyte windforce imo

About to open a can.

Heres is my $1500 all the other build have way to many to expensive things,just because its expensive doesnt make it the best thing to get.

they cost more for a reason, the sapphire flex can OC like mad. The Thermaltake frio is a much better cooler, I gave him ddr3 1866 cas 8 ram, faster than cas 9, 

If he wants to OC he should go for my build

If he wants to leave everything normal he should go for yours smurf