Build Help

How does this look 

Anything i could do to make it better/cheaper?

I would get a lower speed ram if your gaming 1866 or 1600 works just fine.

If you would like to save some money got AMD

It will run all the some game at the same fps as a intel build, with this you can save $334.34.

If you want more power at the same price go with this AMD build

You will save money still and it will run most games much better. Some games don't like

crossfire like WoW, but this is much faster. If you don't want to go AMD stay intel and drop

the 7970 and put 2 7870 in they are faster.

I hope this helped to you.


I managed to change almost everything if you still want a white case go for Cooler Master Storm Stryker (White)

Doesn't crossfire have a whole slew of issues? I had gathered that a single, strong GPU was the best option.