Build for a Friend: Sub $535

So my friend wants to get away from his Sandy-Bridge Lenovo.  He's not close to rich, and therefore, the budget build is needed.

Your Typical Info:


Budget: MAX.  AFTER TAX.  UP FRONT COST. $535.  That means around $486.85 before taxes.

Location: USA.  $USD$

Preferred shops: Newegg, Amazon.  I can make do with any reputable shops, but these two would be the best.  Also, don't have a microcenter close to me :C.

Peripherals: No need for these.  Tower only.

Use: Gaming, and possibly light 3D modeling.

OC: Yes, at a later date.

Watercooling: lol, not at this budget.

OS: No need.


Game: preferably 60+FPS.

Resolution: He has some 4x3 screen.  I dont remember the resolution, but it aint close to 1080p.

Plays: HL2, TF2 (other source engine games), Halo.

Rendering: Hasn't started.  Possibly Source Filmmaker or something similar.


The computer needs WiFi capabilities.  I created a pcpartpicker to pack as much bang for his buck.

I'm over budget by a bit.  If anyone has suggestions, please, do tell.  I'm planning to take his HDD from his Lenovo and put it in this build.

I don't see a HDD. Does he have one to use? 

Forgot to add, I think he can salvage it from his Lenovo for use in this build.

No more advice? :C  Ask questions if you need to!

What you have is a very good build well balanced but if you want the max gpu horse power for the budget get something like this

If he is not doing 1080p, the go with an AMD A10 with an FM2 motherboard. He can buy a graphics card when he upgrades his monitor. The list here have 300W to spare for a graphics card when the time comes. At 480p, an A10 will rock. Even at 720p it will do 60fps on most games.

Remember balance is important. Also, I included Windows. You forgot that one. Does he already have a copy?

I built an AMD based rig for around $385, and it doesn't have a GPU, so you can feel free to modify it how you see fit. You could also take out the HDD if your friend already has one.