Build for a friend $1200 U.S budget w/Monitor and Windows 8

She will be doing some good amount of gaming, and she's planning on running a youtube channel. She insisted on a blu-ray player AND Purple LED's AND Buying Windows 8. She's paying me to assemble the computer myself, how will these parts do?

EXCELLENT, except for the fact that you are about to use Windows 8 32 bit!!! Your CPU is a 64bit and even if you did use a 32 bit OS then windows will only detect 4GB. So I would go with a 64 bit version or even windows 7 64 bit because windows 8 isn't getting that many likes from other people who build a PC with that particular OS.

1. Get Windows 8 64 bit, otherwise getting 8GB would be a waste.


2. Also with the price cut from nvidia for the 7xx series i would suggest getting a 770 or a R9 280x in there

Do you plan on overclocking her CPU? If so, I've heard that haswell get really hot really fast (I've not overclocked one myself). I you do not plan on overclocking, you could save $20-55 by jumping down to some other i5 SKUs and put that into a better/quieter CPU cooler. 

Is she cool using OpenOffice, or does she already have some kind of office suite? Not required, but if she's a student or does any work from home she'll probably want something.

Other than the already noted 64 bit OS, that's a great build.