Build for $400-450

Hey, if anyone is still awake, I was hoping for some build advice.

I want to build a machine for $400ish.

Some Requirements-

mATX form factor

Have dedicated GPU (so, no APUs)






Hey Marty, we still need a couple more answers in order to give proper advice.

What parts do you need to make a complete build?

Specifically: Do you need a mouse, mouse pad, head phones, keyboard, monitor, case, power supply. cpu, motherboard etc.

What I mean is, what do you currently have that you can recycle. Once we know what you already have and plan on re using we can give advice on what to spend that $400 on to get the most bang for your buck.


Mouse? Yes

Keyboard? Yes

Headphones? Studio-Quality

Monitor? Need Recommendations! (Will get later though, have 22' HDMI monitor now)

Like it, except for the 650ti. (I was thinking 7850- $10 bucks cheaper, and $50 faster)

Otherwise, well done!

True, only thing about that was that the 7850s that were cheaper all had 1 GB of VRAM or had reference cooling. But yeah, the 7850 is probably the better option.

But thanks man!

Also, do you have any suggestions for a 1080p monitor? 

Something that is about 20", and is $150 or less?


I would go with something like this: 21.5'' and its made by Asus, so you know the quality is great. Also, its an IPS panel.