Build compatibility

Hi can someone please check if these parts work with each other





Gpu: crossfire 2x



Don't buy an Apevia case, they're made from chewing gum and semen. Don't get 2x 7770 a single 7870 will perform much much much better. Don't buy that PSU also it's shit, you don't need 1000w and especially not some crap powersupply that's going to get a power surge and burn out your mobo or somthing.

Get this powersupply.

Get this GPU.

And find a not hideous case.

Yes, they are all compatible, but the power supply is some pretty severe overkill, save the extra money from the power supply downgrade to 700W and buy a Radeon 7870 XT instead.

I recommend this setup. Just know that you have to order from the individual sites, which still wouldn't change the fact that your parts would be arriving seperately anyway. And the case really doesn't matter, I just happen to really like this one, and the idea of punching a hole in the side of it for a window.

thanks for your help guys