Build around a FX-4200

Hey folks, I haven't built my own pc in about 10 years, let alone pc gamed in about 8 years. Anyways I've decided now that I have time and money to enjoy pc gaming again I want to build a new rig. I also would like to run some programs like autoCAD, Revit, solid works as I just recently started a new job as a production drafter. Ive got a budget of roughly $600 excluding keyboard/mouse/monitor/OS. I know for certain a few things, first I've already bought a AMD FX-4200 quad core, Logan had this processor in a $400 build around the beginning of the year. Secondly I'd like to use a fractal case, aside from that I'd like input on the rest of the build.
Thanks much!

Hmm, if you REALLY have to use that FX-4200(it's a bit old and slow, but of course it'll manage)


What other processor that's newer/quicker work with this setup then still at the $600 mark. I just hate to waste that processor I just bought it's still NIB.

You can use that and overclock the hell out of it to 5ghz :D .. though honestly it will be a bottleneck for any higher end video card.
The FX 8350 is a way better choice

It's at $160-170 now. I would have to change out cooler too so that may have a price increase as well. I guess the 4200 is good for a $400 build but put better components in it and it won't keep up.

I vote for the FX 8350 as well. It's still has some life in it and if you're patient you can find one on sale. The 4200 will do but you'll need to upgrade the cooler to OC it decently. I used my 8350 with stock cooler without any issues.

You would definitley need a better cooler... its a toaster oven... Yeah but its totally worth it all things considering for gaming

the FX 6300 is the same price and has a LOT more value and power I would go with that in all honesty.

I don't plan on over clocking so if the 6300 needs to be to compete with the 8350 no bueno.

HAH! I just scored NIB 8 gigs of gskillz memory and a new hard drive. That frees up more money. Any ideas now on how to spend it? SSD maybe?

I also wanted to add, what are the performance to price differences if any between a 280, 280x, and 290?

I'd seriously consider selling off that 4200 and getting one of the 8 cores.

SSD would also be a good upgrade, although your CAD programs would probably still be limited in performance with your 4200.

I agree with everyone here that the 4200 has to go, it really does. It just doesnt stack up with anything tjese days, especially in gaming. If you have to stay cheap I would go with the above mentioned 6300 at the very least, heck even a Pentium g3258 with an OC(super easy chip to OC with no heat) would give u a better deal. If u can afford it, an 8350 is really the best budget/high end chip on the market. An SSD is a vital part to have a fast computing experince but if ur first priority is gaming Id ditch the ssd in order to get an 8350 and a decent gpu. Can always upgrade to a $50 kingston 120gb ssd later. There are a lot of things u CAN do and none are wrong, but I would say using a 4200 comes close to wrong :P. Just wont hang in there with the upcoming stuff and somr of the current, it WILL bottleneck u


once dx12 and vulcan start shipping the money invested in the 8350 will start to shine.

choice of cpu will largely be irrelevant and amd's decision to go cores over IPC will actually start to pay off...

Of course it could be a case of too little to late but it will be interesting to find out :D

Well I think I've been convinced to get the 8350. It'll just take a little bit longer to save additional funds but I don't want to be bottle necked out the gate. Any suggestions on motherboards for the 8350?