Build Advice

I've put together some parts I'd like to get to upgrade my PC.

I'd love to get some imput on the parts I've chosen. Also, I've been looking to get a nice mid-tower case with good airflow, and would like some suggestions. I'm willing to spend up to 100$ for the case.

Thanks in advance.

wat motherboard form factor do u use?, any other things u would like in a case (i.e number of 3.5 internal slots, bottom or top mounted psu, etc)

good build but i dont think you need 2133 memory just 1600 is fine but if you want that go ahaid for the case you could go with the coolermaster haf 922 or the coolermaster scout 2 or the corsair 300r or the corsair 400r for ten dollars more

I use a regular ATX motherboard (P67), and would prefer a bottom-mounted PSU. I need three 3.5inch bays, good cable management options, USB 3.0 on the front. and I'd like room to support a dual 120mm radiator inside. As for the cases, the Haf 922 seems interesting, as does the Corsair 400R. And is there a big performance difference between the 1600 and 2133 MHz RAM? If not, I'll just get the 1600.

for the case you can always check out the NZXT Phantom 410. Everywhere I've seen it has highly good reviews

I checked out the Phantom, and while it looks like a fine case, it's a bit outside of my budget. Any other good cases I should check out?

under 100.....

Well, it looks like I'm getting a Phantom. Thanks for the imput.