Build advice. i3 vs fx 6300 vs what u guys recommend

Hey team just need some advice on my next build. Will have this for 2 years and playing at 1080p
Im moving over seas so have to build a new rig.
I was going to get a fx 6300 but I feel that a i3 6100 or i3 4170 is a better option (moving to ausy form new zealand) best site to get parts in aus fx 6300 $152 i3 6100 $159 i3 4170 $159 i3 5160 $149
Options are get the fx and a board i can oc with and go for it
get the i3 6100 with a z71 board with some dd4 in case i want to upgrade later
or the i3 4160/70 with some dd3 and a cheaper non oc board and just live with that until my next build in 2 years
I dont relay game that much anymore i play LOL about 3 4 days a week then maybe play 1 or 2 other games maybe in a year.
thoughts ?
also thoughts on over clocking. will need to get a cooler for the so an extra $50 or so.
Should I run the stock cooler on the i3 or do i get a z170 board and a after market cooler and overclock the base. worth it ?
any other advice go for it

I would go with the I3 6100 its a lot newer architecture you have a better upgrade path and over clocking for leauge is really not worth it in my opinion.


should i get ddr4 or ddr4 / dose the cpu even support ddr3?

I'd go for a DDR4 platform. We may never actually need DDR4, but just go for the newer platform. UNLESS you can wait for AM4

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I think you would need to get ddr4 I don't think the i3 6100 supports ddr3

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mobo advice

At that if nothing else get an AMD 8 core and rest on vulkan support. Just because its old doesn't make it trash. I've seen an 8370 do 4K with a furyX so why not?

i play LOL at 1080p.....

Yeah and? Its 4K. Why not? Lol

Gee at those price I would go with the i3 6100 or the 4170 and the cheapest (gigabyte) MB you can find. Put most of your cash in the GPU.
152 for a 6300? Ouch!
Over-clocking is fun but it's no substitute for a good GPU.
Now if you were in the states with our 99 dollar 8320e's it would be a whole different story:)

You don't really need to go much higher than an H110 motherboard if your not planing on over clocking.
Gigabyte GA-H110M-H
Asus H110M-K
These are pretty decent boards I personally like Asus.

I agree brother pc parts in the part of the world is brutal lol. Il be in California in 2 years so can build something in USD the hahaha. the other option is to just get a laptop but fuk there r so $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for what u get

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My wife and I lived in Santa Ana and Garbage Grove b4 we moved to PA. Until I found microcenter PA was a tek desert. Loved Fry's:)
People slam the AMD 8 cores but when I have to do company online training it is nice to be able to do a download, have 8 other chrome tabs AND be able to take a 5 minute break and play ISDefense on ultra at 59fps without closing a thing:)

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what i have atm

that looks pretty decent considering price if you can swing an ssd even a 120gb just for a boot drive it would certainly make boot times faster but other than that the build looks good

i 4got to say i have 2 Samsung 840 120gbs. The only thing that im taking with me from my old build lol

oh alight then ya that build looks solid some people might recommend the R9 380 but considering the only game you are playing is Leauge it probably wont make much of a difference.

can get a r9 380 for the same price so il grab that if u recommend

Personlay I have never used a Radion card I have always used Nvidia but if you can get a 4gb version I hear that it utilizes 4gb of vram a lot better than a GTX 960 it wont make much difference in Leauge but if you have other games it could benefit from that. But if you are loceked into a 2gb version of either card I would go with the Nvidia just for lower power draw and cooler temps.

I would also think about getting an ssd. the performance over standard drives is just astonishing. I would also recommend a 250gb one minimum.