Build a PC

Hi guys, 

Any plans in updating any of the "build a pc" ($400 , $800 , $1200 ) movies - there close to 8 month old :)

Would Love some AMD vs intell builds-  best performance to dollar

(so a $800 AMD build with same GPU give you better FPS then a $800 intel build) 


Also is it worth underclock/unvolt to make a silent/cooler machine 

i have read some site that from stock -

over clocking only increase fps in games but +10%  with 30-50% more tempture 

but underclock/unvolt is only -5% performance  but 30-50% less  tempture


are these figure  correct ??


i have never bother overclock as 5 fps increase is not worth the extra heat but wouldnt mine losing 5 fps for a much cooler pc




i would like to see something like this, like an AMD undervolted to Intel specs or something of that sort and see performance difference at lower clock/volt.  It's been proven that overclocking doesn't yield performance gains proportionately to standard clock.  How about lowering clock, would the decreases in performance be dramatic or miniscule?  I might do a test next weekend with my FX-8350. I'll do 3770k specs and see what it yields on benchmarks.