Build a PC in about a month or wait for new CPUs and GPUs?

Hello I am planning to build a gaming/recording/rendering PC build for around ~$1200-1300. Currently I have around $800, which I should have the other cash in a month or so (Money from my birthday, job, etc). But should I start my build as soon as I get all the cash, or should I wait for Haswell CPU and the 700 or 8000 series cards? Would it be worth waiting however many months for them to come out (I wouldn't mind waiting for better performance) or should I just build as soon as I get the cash? Also this would be the build if I were to do it as soon as I get the cash

Good Afternoon


I don’t think I would be able to take my own advice but waiting would probably be the better choice it would give you more time to save up some more.  If you don’t have any needs for it right this moment then just wait for the new stuff.



If I recall correctly, Intels new architecture (Haswell) is coming out within a month or two. So in my opinion, if you can wait, I would sit tight till then.