Build a PC for £1000! - Support Required :)

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to this and i feel like this is the perfect place to ask for advice especially after seeing so many people get amazing support!

I need help in building a PC for around £1000 which i will end up using Gaming mostly.

  1. Budget = £1000 or $1700
  2. Where do Live = United Kingdom (Currency = GBP £)
  3. I will use the computer mainly for Gaming and hope for it be sustainable to keep buying better parts
  4. I want to get into Overclocking if possible
  5. Water-cooling is an Option
  6. OS will be required
  7. I would like to play games at the highest possible setting for that price
  8. Keyboards and Mouse i will also require but it doesn't bother me if it is amazing or not
  9. Looking for a decent monitor to help deliver the performance of the Graphics card


Your support will be much appreciated, Thank you all for your help!!



Good budget but whatever you do do not make the mistake i did and do a $1700 build because of shipping it will cost loads and most likely the parts you pick will not equal £1000 because of tax.

these are two very good cases and around the same price you pick what one and colour.

As for the build Add on the price of the case and it comes to around £1030

Keyboard and mouse however are not include as they come down to personal preference also the case you could buy a cheaper one and spend it somewhere else or downgrade the mobo a tad (its solid though)

You can easily oc the CPU to get to the same clock as the 8350 while saving about £30 as the cm 212 evo is solid for mild oc'z. Card is excellent or you could go for

it is 0.01 MHz faster on the clock.

Hope i helped

I am doing a similar build as well.This is what i would pick for you.

I also will leave the keyboard and mouse to you

I highly recommend this build: 
Keyboard and mouse is not included, I find it unnecessary to add it to the build since it does not contribute to the computer's performance. I also did not include the operating system since I rather spend the money on a great monitor such as the DELL U2312HM; Believe me, I have the 24 inch variant and the color accuracy is just splendid. If you have doubts on the monitor, please search Nicolas11x12TECHX's review about it on Youtube. And about the chassis/case, you'll be the one to choose of course.

sardineboy's build is fine but why 1 module of ram? Get 2x4gb it's the best right now

One stick is cheaper and using two sticks to take advantage of dual channel memory will make no difference on the computer's performance in gaming. I got this from personal experience. Here's a review about single channel vs dual channel memory:

Wow brilliant advice, I really appreciate all your help thank you all!

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