Build a PC (Cheap)

I've never build a pc before and i'm trying to build one myself that is fairly cheap, but works really good with all games. I want to be able to run games at top specs. I'm mainly going to use this to stream and edit videos. Try to keep this under $700 if possible.

That should work...might not do next gen games at ultra but it's a lot of bang for buck

This computer build includes a 120gb ssd for fast bootup and storage for some games, also it includes a graphics card which includes 4gb onboard memory which is necessary for next gen games. I think that this is a decent build for $700.

The mobo you picked will require a bios update to work and has an insufficient power delivery (if you go AMD FX you HAVE to get a full ATX mobo... 850w power supply is overkill and then some... the 260x is pretty pedestrian... the SSD is nice but isn't really doable in a $700 build without sacrificing performance in the GPU...

... 4GB GPU memory is hardly necessary for next gen gaming... a 7870 GHz edition is a rebranded 270x

Awesome Build for the money i would also recommend this.

Yeah, this build would run perfectly fine on 430w.  The motherboard kills all future CPU upgradeablity and the R7 260X is far behind the 7870.

Another +1 here.