Build a Budget PC to turn into a PS3?

Okay, So you can download PS3 firmware from the PlayStation website. I was wondering if a budget machine with an AMD APU along with the firmware of a PS3 how feasible is the idea of making a PC with only PS3 Firmware on it, is it do-able and if so is there anything i should know?

Thank you in advance. 

im not sure if this is do able but why an APU may i ask if you state a price ill whip up a config

no can do...the firmware is basically a patch for the built in sony version of linux.  It is only recognized with that specific hardware and can't work on "non native" hardware.  It can't be done, but you can emulate the ps3 with an emulator and with a bios.

You can emulate the PS3, but at the moment it'll be unable to play any non-homebrew games.

Better off just buying a ps3. Seems like a huge waste to try to reverse engineer firmware to work on another plaform for an old console. Unless you are really bored?

It would create more headaches than it would be worth, and would end up costing more than a PS3 with its current.

to gloss over how wildly impossible this is: the ps3 runs ibm ppc

Also, the 'ps3' wouldn't benefit from the fancier technology, in fact it'd probably be worse.

From my understanding, There is only one PS3 Emulator and it cant play games yet. Its still in Alpha. Not to mention the PS3 runs a completely different architecture from the PC. Xbox is similar story. Xbox 360 runs off ARM

360 runs a similar ppc chip to the ps3

Thanks for the help guy's, i guess the only way to pull this off would be to write the code strand by strand, also i thought building one may be more interesting than buying one.