Build a 1440p small and quite gaming pc

Hi guys,

I'm going to build a new gaming pc for playing.

First of all I thank you for all your incoming suggestions and I list down the requirements (a lot of :P):

1) Must be m-ITX (like Bitfenix Prodigy case), with a good-looking case, because it will be placed under the tv on my living room;

2) As silent as possible;

3) Enough powerfull to play sport games (football and cars first of all) at 1080p at maximum quality and games like stronghold, simcity etc at least at 1440p at maximum quality (for my future pc monitor upgrade);

4) Less power-hungry as possible;

5) Budget under 700€ (would be better under 500€);

6) Exclude from build monitor, mouse, keyboard, dvd/bluray rom player, wifi card and include an ssd (samsung 840 evo 256 for example) not a standard one.

Is an AMD A10-7850K or A10-7600 enough or may I have to take also a vga card? If not, would it be a good choice to buy an APU like these and wait for a vga card in the future? Or may I have to take a Haswell cpu and a vga card now? Witch vga would fit my requirements?!

A lot of questions, I know :P

Have a nice day!

Marco from Italy :)


edit: Sorry i didn't see your budget.

For 1440p gaming, you might need to go with the build i posted for initially.  For 1080p gaming, this will do fine.

The A10-7850k and A8-7600 are not strong enough to play games at the resolutions and settings you want to play at, on their own, but could handle it with a powerful discreet GPU. The point of an APU is to use it without a GPU (or combine it with a small, low-end GPU in dual graphics mode) in a very small case that can't support a big GPU. It's better to get a much stronger CPU and GPU from the get-go if you can afford it.

As someone who has built and uses a mini-ITX PC primarily for gaming at 1080p ultra settings, I put together this build for you: It'll easily handle exactly what you want and you won't be paying extra for anything that doesn't contribute to better performance. Since you stated you wanted low power consumption and thus, I'm assuming you won't be overclocking. In that case, I strongly recommend the 4570 CPU and H87 motherboard as this will give you nearly the same performance as you would with the 4670k and Z87 board but will cost quite a bit less. Diverting that money saved to get a stronger GPU will yield better performance per dollar.

Here's my personal rig if you want to compare: Just keep in mind that's Canadian prices and includes the cost of OS.

Notice the OP's currency. ;)

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions guys!

When I take a look at under 800$ builds I often see AMD 750K, but personaly I would like to get the newest technology as possible, especially for AMD. I confess I'm a AMD estimator and generally I tend to prefere it, but thinking about power it is a fact that Intel has the best performace/watt ratio now.

I have some more questions for you:

1) For my settings it is better having an nvidia gtx 760/770 or an amd r280x (or RXXX, but I know they consume more power than nvidia ones)?

2) Would it be good to go with only an APU for now, check which game I could play good and than buy a vga card? I am very hopefull over the mantle api and hsa. I have read that an apu can do the phisics and the vga render the scene...less power but more optimization..

3) Can a NOT unlocked cpu as 4570 be UNDERclocked or better UNDERvolted easily (during normal use for example)?

ps: I already have hdds, mouse, keyboard, OS.

1) Both the GTX 770 and R9-280X are very good high-end GPUs. The GTX 760 is a little less powerful than those two. One will have an edge over the other, depending on the game, but both are very good. Chose which ever you prefer and which ever best fits your budget. Personally I prefer AMD GPUs, but it's up to you.

2) You can if you want, but if you're planning to play games at 1440p, you're better off grabbing a strong GPU from the get-go. (unless you want to wait a save up) The Kaveri APUs, I believe, will be a good CPU choice in the long run. Not only because of mantle and HSA but also considering how the GPU cores on the APU can be used to off-load some tasks allowing for a performance boost with a discreet GPU. For the mini-ITX form factor, FM2/+ is the only socket. No AM3+. This means the best CPU you can go with for m-ITX from the AMD camp is the 7850k Kaveri part (for now). While it's not a super-high-end CPU, it's certainly not "weak" either. It'll run all modern games with most high-end GPU's no problem, and should only perform better with time as HSA and mantle are implemented.

3) Whether locked or unlocked, all the latest Intel CPUs operate with dynamic clocks. What that means is if there is very little load, it'll lower the voltage and run at ~800mhz or so. When the load increases, it automatically ramps up the voltage and clocks accordingly. So there's no need to manually underclock. It's always constantly adjusting itself. The 4570 is listed as 3.2ghz base and 3.6 turbo however, I've observed mine several times dynamically overclocking itself to 3.8 on all 4 cores.