Bug With TekSyndicate Website

Hi i spend alot of time on the forums and this is really starting to bug me(No Pun Intended)

This only happens when i resize my window to half the screen, Please help!


Link :   http://i.imgur.com/LBXHcZF.png

Its the way the coding works. When make the window size smaller, not everything can fit the correct way. It can be fixed but i dont really think they will try to fix it any time soon.

What browser and device are you using to view the site?

Firefox, Custom Built PC

(Windows 7)


When the window or screen size is smaller, the site goes into "mobile" View. Its a "Feature" not a bug.

This issue should be fixed now.

Still switches to mobile.


Cleared Cache.

I was referring to the overlap issue with the dropdown menu.

Also, the site adjusts to the width of your viewport (browser). It's not a bug, it's responsive. If you resize your browser manually, you can see all the different media queries that the site goes through to adjust to different widths.

Oh. Thats what I said before. I thought we were talking about it switching to mobile being a "Bug". I didn't notice the overlap.