Bug with EpicPants.com

It won't let me go to the website saying that it is a "protected area" and I need to put in my password.  I put in my password and I am 100% sure that the password is correct, and it keeps on saying that the password is invalid. I didn't know where else to post the bug,
I've been wanting to get some of the shirts because of the new way that they're made but it seems like I can't possibly order them. I can't even see what the new designs look like 

epicpants.com is not finished yet and only the web developers who are working on it have access. I am sure you are new here, so were not aware that this has been posted about a dozen times.

Although Logan did say it should be ready very soon

Pretty sure he said that in march as well.

lol I remember a looooong time ago they confirmed they are going to have monitor mounts in the store and it would be ready like next week or something. But like I said that was months ago. Makes me sad :(