[Bug] Topic name stays the same

When i enter a topic and goto another topic via notifications the name at the top stays the same. The solution to get it to clear is to visit the homepage at forum.teksyndicate.com or click the home button.

Is anybody else experiencing this? i know the forums were just updated, so this may be because of that.

You mean the title bar of the browser? or on the website itself?

title bar

I just hopped around topics through the notifications and for me it does switch, sorry can not reproduce it so far. Ill keep an eye out if it happens

hmm. seems to happen when i switch in and out of a pm.

I'm not able to reproduce this either. When moving from a PM back to home or a linked topic, my tab titles are changing properly.

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I also tried it from PM to topics, via the front page and via the notifications.. the titles switch.

Maybe you want to check another browser?

I've noticed this as well


Chrome right?


went to recent things purchased thread and title VANISHED

yeah something screwy is going on with the title with the new update

its has to be related to entering a topic through notifications

here is battlestation thread

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yeah what happens to me.

But this is not 100% repeatable oddly

Ok on Firefox it does not happen; seems a Chrome problem than?


i can replicate the problem with vivaldi. the problem is that i can not replicate it 100%

hmm i tried it frantically switching around in firefox and could not make it happen

It happened to me at least once earlier today after @wendell fixed the site. It appears to have sorted itself out now.

Uh. Yeah you folks are right there is something interesting going on. I just entered a few different topics from notifications and when I went from the Post What You Bought topic to the Office Ideas topic, the browser tab title updated properly, but the topic title on the forum page was for the previous topic. This was with firefox.



Edit: just relogged and cleared cookies and looks like the issue persists