[Bug] "Teksyndicate" Official servers subforum link on FAQ broken

Hi L1 Techs!

This is probably a quick easy fix but on the FAQ page, under the "Official Servers and Services" heading, it lists "Teksyndicate" for and a link to a subforum link leads to a "Oops! That page doesn't exist or is private."

With how fresh everything is for L1, my critical thinking leads me to believe that there are no official links here yet and my bug report could be redundant in nature. But I felt somewhat ethically compelled to point it out in case someone missed something. If it turns out completely tautological, I would be glad to remove this post to remove unnecessary forum clutter.

Please let me know and I will adjust accordingly!

The official servers link works it goes here https://forum.level1techs.com/c/l1servers/official-servers

Is it a different link?

The two "official" posts ill look at, as at least one of them is wrong atm.

I dont think any of the links are broken on the FAQ page. We have been discussing updating of various forum pages lately as they still need to be changed over to L1T.

Thanks for your swift response Eden.

I did a retest of the link, both in IE11 and Chrome 56.0.2924.87. It does not work for me, but it works for you. So my initial report is not very much a bug... it looks as if it is perhaps a permissions issue with my profile. My apologies I'm very new, I only just signed up today. Hopefully I have not shamed myself by mis-reporting. I attached a couple of screenshots of the errors I get. The first one is chrome, next one is IE.

Let me know how I can help or if there are further things I can test on my end.

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Thanks Alamar,

That was the 2nd motivator for me to send this report in. When I saw TS still listed I wanted to be sure there weren't any legal things going on with that. I'm quite enthused to look out for my L1 community!

Appreciate your response, have a great rest of your day.

No problem. It's better to ask/notify folks than not to.

Yes, this is likely because of your trust level. I forget if there's a trust level requirement on the servers section, but it may be TL1 or 2. I need to check on that :D

That's just silly :P No harm in reporting things if you think there's an issue. We still have a lot of work going on with forum restructuring after the re-brand.

I forgot this as well. Probably need changed.

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