BUG: Replies to my topics don't have notifications

I keep getting replies to my post but no notification update to the counter, sometimes not to the notification drawer at all.

I have the podcast thread, “I’m going to start a podcast” and no update to my counter.

Valve pls fix

Yeah i’ve noticed this too. I do get notifications, but not immediately, and i’m not sure if its time based, or if they pop up if i open a new window to the site. (haven’t tested)

Idk if it’s related but don’t get all my notification, only some or last ones. But I am not really sure about the pattern of the ones I do get, tho.

I don’t get any. This started yesterday or the day before for me, as a frame of reference.

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I got the last two, took a minute though.

The forums were updated. Does it work in a private window?

IDK go reply to one of my topics or to my post in the lounge lets see what happens.

Could it be browser related? I’m on brave, thats chrome based I think.

Interesting. If I refresh they pop up.

I’ve noticed if I edit a post I have to refresh sometimes before I see the changes. I just figured it was my browser.

Ive also had replies that didnt get a notification but this was rare.

Mh, reply notifications work fine for me. The only thing that doesn’t notify regularly (but I don’t think that’s actually a bug) is when someone likes a post the notification will trigger, but if other people like that same post it will not trigger a notification for a certain amount of time. This may or may not be flood prevention though, I don’t know.

Also it depends how someone replies.

If the topic is only Tracking the notification will only trigger if they used the reply button on the post, i.e. it is a direct reply to your post. If they just hit the reply button on the bottom of the thread it will only trigger a notification if the topic is on Watching.

That being said the counter should work regardless, and I haven’t had issues with that either.

PS: WTF is wrong with your Unread counter, that shit has to stay at 0 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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mat chu meen

Notifications are sorta kinda half broken since the last update.
So we have to see whats up with that.