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{BUG} Linking back to Tek Syn


At the bottom of one of my posts ( ) where the references are listed it links back to teksyndicate. A thing, not sure if bug, but a thing.


can confirm. This issue is due to the old domain links not routing to the new top level domain.

@wendell, old links do not carry over. Since many links in the past were used for help threads, we need the old ones to link back to new top level domain.

@Aremis, as a temp fix, you could update all your old posts with the new top level domain? Mayhaps? :3


I could have sworn Wendell said something about this once. Something about it being worked on, but had to be a lower priority because otherwise it would interfere with the performance of the forum.

I could be mixing it up with something else though.


Pretty sure that was just for pictures.
@wendell had something rebaking all the url's.


Hopefully this doesn’t happen again, but we could prevent this in the future by using relative links: /t/bug-linking-back-to-tek-syn/109906/


Bruh. Check the age of the last post.