Bug in DevOps project creation with Python. Why?

Hi Guys,

Recently, I am facing a crazy problem. When I try to create a new DevOps project from Azure portal by clicking Python as my new application, Django as a framework and Web App for Containers as service, I cannot click on “additional settings” button while filling in project details. I have tried 2 separate accounts and all the available browsers but the behavior is the same.

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You’re under the Free Trial. Add a credit card or get in their Developer Program (you get like $200 in credit a month) and see if you can access those settings.


Looks like the Free Tier may be impacting that.

I love Azure, but if you’re not wanting to provide a credit card or worry about additional charges, check out Heroku. Their platform is a similar service to Azure DevOps.


Thanks for your valuable information, it’s very helpful for me.

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