[Bug?] Default Dark theme vs Dark reader Chrome/ium ext

(Ubuntu 18.04/Gnome x64 Chrome and Chromium browsers)

Text on forum threads is nearly unreadable if Dark Reader extension is enabled.

Not really a bug, and mostly inconsequential as obviously forum settings can be changed; Dark Reader will save theme settings for specific sites; etc. But it would be slicker if the ext could be auto-detected/default theme reverted to light. Maybe worth fixing (if possible/easy/a web dev is bored) on the off-chance it might discourage a new visitor to the site/motivate them to navigate elsewhere.

whitelist the site on dark reader to not run automatically


Yeah, I did, but thnx.

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Pretty sure you have to raise the problem to the forum software devs who you can find over here -

also as a temporary “fix” would you like to try some of the dark themes that are available here.
you can find them by clicking on your icon in the top right and then clicking on the little settings icon then from the right menu choose Interface and check the available Themes.

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Ah, my only knowledge of forum software is with phpbb; it appears discourse may be a horse of a different color.
Anywho, not actually a “problem”, more of a minor inconvenience - I only mentioned it thinking that I might want to address it if I managed these forums - as one might manage a business/thinking that anything that could discourage a new/novice user could be a bad thing.
But I do appreciate the earnest/helpful responses; it’s encouraging to find that folx are really friendly here :slight_smile:

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