Buffalo Multi-Gigabit 12 Port Business Switch (BS-MP2012)

I’m looking at installing this in my home network. This is a full 10gb switch. I have not found many reviews on this and was wondering if anyone here has used these before or has one personally. I have my whole house wired with Cat6 with no run over 60 feet. That is the main reason i want to stick RJ45 connections on my switches.

Any help is appreciated.

I was going to pair this with a ASUS XG-C100C 10G Network Adapter PCI-E x4 Card with Single RJ-45 Port (XG-C100C) and in my nas.

You should get these instead.

Yeah, you have to use the modules when connecting clients, but if gives you the flexibility to switch to fiber if you ever want to, and it will come in at half the cost.

The one issue i have with going to an SFP switch is that the adapters I’ve found for Copper will only give me 1gb not 10gb.

I tried buffalo products in the past and only found them to be junk. They could be good now but I would be weary of their stuff.

I ended up purchasing this switch when i build my SSD server and 2 of the NIC’s I am getting full transfer speeds of 900 when using a ram disk or 600 when just transferring from my ssd. been using this for a few months now and not a single hiccup.

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