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Budgie desktop


Anyone use this DE?

Curious about what you think? I’ve been using KDE but Budgie looks nice.


Yeah, it’s the default DE on Solus.


It is what got me excited about Linux again. Granted, I have Gnome on 85% of my workstations, but I was using 0% of Linux prior to that, with the occasional VM


looks pretty cool ill give it a go along with solus down the road


Budgie is really good. Its taken the void that unity used to fill.


It’s pretty decent. It’s lacking in a few features I needed, but aside from that, it’s good.


What kind of features?


I’m debating on trying solus myself


The window snapping was lacking, it also pretty much required using it on Solus to get the full feature set, and I’m a Fedora addict.

There were a few other minor gripes, but I forget them now. Haven’t used it in like 6 months.

Also, I’m wary of Solus without Ikey. It’s like if Ubuntu lost Shuttleworth.


currently im testing out Deepin on my blade stealth the DDE is my fave DE so far would recommend a looky


I used to use a customized budgie that tried to emulate the windows taskbar and start menu. I would have kept using budgie if it had a window tiling app built in when I was initially playing with DEs.

So when someone on gnome made the dash to panel shell extension, I immediately switched back to gnome, and used the dash to panel for the windows like menu and task bar and the shelltile extension for window tiling.

I might give budige another shot when they allow for gnome extensions or when they introduce a window tiling system


Gnome has made some good improvements lately. I have been toying with Manjaro Gnome lately for fun and quite like it. I might spend mroe time with Gnome in the future since it is so widely available.

My wife prefers it over Cinnamon. I still like KDE the best but I think I am going to play with Budgie soon. Not sure if I want to test out Arch w/ Budgie or just get Solus.

I have been doing some distro hoping as of late as I try and figure out what I want to stick with long term.

Part of me thinks I just need to go with what my wife wants because she is new to Linux and I need to be able to help her as fast as possible since I am the IT department at our house as we run two different businesses from home.

P.S. I just heard that there are some issues with Synology NAS machines(which I run). So be on the look out if you have one. I just wanted a plug and play since I had to get it mid year when I was really busy. Otherwise I would have done a FreeNAS machine.


I played arround with budgie a bit, and its basically a pretty nice desktop.
But for me it still feels too much Gnome 3 ish, also not very lightweight either.
Budgie is nice, but i think that Mate is a better desktop overall in that regards.
The raven menu is nice though.


I’m not too worried about how much memory they use as both my wife’s and my own computer have 16gb of DDR4 3200 RAM. My wife is running a 2700 and I have the X variant since I got it on sale.

I have played with Xfce when I jail broke my chromebook and loaded Linux on it and was impressed that my low powered laptop could run it as well as it did. However, I still was not able to do what I wanted with it.

There is a highly specialized program that I have to run for work and I couldn’t get it to work through Wine on the chromebook so I reverted it back to stock settings and just use Sheets to input my data and copy and paste it into the program in Windows.

I have a love/hate with Google. I love that I can have all my data available to me at anytime but I don’t like the tracking that Google does either. But at the same time I need to flag the location for my work sometimes so clients can visit the location when I am not available…