Budget PC Build

I am trying to build a pc that can handle video & picture editing, streaming to Twitch and play games like DayZ and Arma series.

I have a $600 budget.

Is this a good build?



Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! 


Benny :)

Better CPU, just a little less powerfull GPU, but a bit cheaper and CUDA and OpenCL should have similar performance at this level. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bnFJBm

I'm guessing you will play on 1080p, so even an R9 270 would perform good and the price difference allows the addition of an SSD. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cHDCCJ

Both builds are a bit over $600, but offer good bang for the buck.  

For 260$ mobo + cpu , you might want to look for a cheaper i5 at a microcenter for ~190$ , and dedicate 70 for the mobo .

Otherwise , the R9 270 build is perfect .


My recommendation notice it has a capture card it will help greatly with your streaming I linked to the newegg site for it though the price i listed is for a used one off Ebay.  


shaddowplay and an 8 core processor. godlike. my friend has the same specs and he plays everything at max

Any suggestions? :)